About Crumb Dash

Crumb Dash is a frantic game that gives a twist on the genre of endless runners with dynamic controls that make gameplay more interesting, requiring sharp reflexes and attention at all times.

The art style is light and fun, with characters animated traditionally in 2D, all interchangeable skins of the character will be reanimated with different actions and reactions. Different skins will cause modifications to the game, scenery, themes, and more.

Play with Jobson, a sparrow in love with food, especially deliciously crunchy and absurdly irresistible crumbs for a little bird. That’s why he will go to great lengths to get them, even if he has to risk his life, escaping from motorcycles, cars and other unimaginable dangers to a small sparrow.

Your mission is to help Jobson eat as many crumbs as possible while escaping all these dangers. Using special seeds to help you overcome the most challenging obstacles and the most difficult situations! Releasing new skins and discovering what they change in your game!

Crumb Dash is the debut game of Frying Ideas and will be released to the android platform by the Google Play Store, the game is free-to-play and will be available to all audiences.

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